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    Warmly welcome from our Thonburi Hospital Myanmar Office. Our office is established on the 1st of January 2015, No.38 , 3rd  street, Yangon . Our mission is to give the best service for those who would like to take treatment or check-up at our Thonburi Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Our services include free consultation with professors and doctors from our hospital, preparing appointments, air tickets, transportation and accommodation for patients and their attendees. So you can get one stop service by just visiting our office in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • Partnership Hospitals and Clinics

    Shin Par Ku Hospital

  • Partnership Airline

    We also have a partnership with one of the most famous airlines from Thailand, NOK AIR. Due to this partnership, you can get the cheapest air tickets for your trip to our Thonburi Hospital. If you make bookings from our office, you will get your tickets with most reasonable price.

    Superior Health Care With Strong Heritage


    Thonburi Hospital is a tertiary care hospital that provides a wide-range of high-quality medical and surgical services. Established on May 10, 1977, it has since then been providing excellent healthcare locally and internationally. Conveniently located at the West side of Bangkok and with a 18 nationwide network of hospitals, it is now one of the most trusted private hospitals in Thailand. 

X-Ray Diagnostic imaging Center, Critical Care Center, Rehabilitation Center, Endoscopy Center, Endoscopic retrograde .., Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Sleep Study Lab

2-bedded room.., 4-bedded room.., Hall type.., Normal Single room.., Special Single room.., Deluxe room.., Super Deluxe room.., Superior room.., Suite room, Silk room .....

Transportation service from Yangon to Bangkok, Bangkok airport to the hospital, Preparation of accommodation, Free consultation with doctors ..,  to home if the patient cannot come ..